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think it's a coincidence? cia director david petraeus resigning days before he was supposed to testify about benghazi on capitol hill. cath ridge herridge is here. tell us the facts we have right now. >> the chain of events, it set into motion on thursday. fox was told that the cia director had a very important meeting at a cia headquarter, people were coming in from out of town. a couple of hours before, it was cancelled abruptly. we know that on thursday, he went to the white house and talked specifically to the president about resigning from his position, for personal reasons. then on friday, that resignation was accepted by the president. so it's really been a chain of events over the last 48 hours. >> greta: do we have any information whether or not the white house or anyone else learned about this before wrftr yesterday -- wednesday? >> the public statement is that they learned about it wednesday. but hia conversation with someone who is very familiar with the notification process to capitol hill. and what we were told is that once someone of the director's stature comes even wit
. >> an occasion like this is time for reflection. >> he is named at c.i.a. director. >> the opportunity to swear in the new director c.i.a., general david petraeus. >> broadwell's book is released. may 2023, f.b.i. start to investigate harassing e-mails sent to jill kelley. one month later they discover the e-mail trail leads to paula broadwell. more e-mails. this time between general petraeus and paula broadwell. thursday, november 8th, two days after the election, general petraeus meets with president obama and offers his resignation. friday november 9th the president accepts his resignation and the word gets out. >> obviously the benghazi story has put a lot of pressure on senior intelligence officials. >> greta: fast forward to today, leon panetta announces the pentagon is investigating general john allen nominated to be the european command and commander of nato forces in europe. for now that nomination is on hold. general allen is accused of exchanging thousands of inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. >> it is simply a fact that is the white house was not aware of a situation regarding
in just nine and-a-half hour, former cia director david petraeus will take the oath and testify about benghazi. but he better have some good answers because lawmakers are not happy with hathey heard today and the benghazi hearings, well, some say they got ugly. >> what is clear is that this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed -- read that "lied" to the american people, in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> but it's pretty clear that ambassador rice misled congress and the american people about what happened. the question i have is was it intentional or did she not know what was going on? we don't know what the facts are because we have had so many different scenarios rolled out by the administration. >> where are the four american it's could their lives have been saved if there was a rapid response? we had assets in the region. why weren't those assets employed. >> sean. >> think about this -- we went into libya to protect libyans in benghazi. we couldn't go into benghazi to protect the mesh there is? >> if the acting cia director is going to
with the press. he's known about it. they have had correspondents with the cia in libya within 24 hours they knew what was happening. >> petraeus wags telling her things. she said there was a failure in the system. she said petraeus knew all of this. but that he wasn't allowed to talk to the press because of his position. she's telling people this. now that's pretty serious, since petraeus did brief congressmen soon appear the a tack in a closeddor session and he doesn't seem to have told them any of this. >> on a personal level his resignation is appropriate. a lot of questions about a timing standpoint, about when the affair was disclosed to the white house, whether it was timed to avoid the election. >> he's married to holly petraeus. she's done so much for children. fallen soldiers. >> he must have liked you obviously and you obviously liked him. >> yes. as i said earlier, he has a number of mente. s and that's what is -- when you compare him to other senior commanders. >> we had no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. this is something that could have hurt national security. i think
: this is a fox news alert. in just 36 hour, former cia director david petraeus will testify about ben befnl he may be the one who knows the most about what happened on september 11. just two weeks ago, general petraeus went to libya to conduct his own investigation. so now. >>, congress will get the chance to question general petraeus about what he knows. but will it bring us closer to answering the question? n incompetence or coverup or something else? >> this president of this administration has either been guilty of cocolossal incompetence or engaged in a coverup, neither of which are acceptable to the american people. >> let me say specifically about susan rice, she has done exemp plear work. as i said before, she made an appearance at the request of the white house, in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> why did you pick her to tell us about benghazi? what does she have to do with benghazi? did anybody ask her for additional security?
on monday. >> greta: tonight, if i thought former cia director david petraeus' testimony would clear things up -- think again. general petraeus finally telling congress what he knows about benghazi terror attack, but did his testimony get the obama administration in even more hot water? >> a short time ago, the former cia director left capitol hill after five hours of testimony, closed, classified testimony before the house & senate intelligence committees. >> general pet petraeus' briefing of comprehensive. it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> the talking points were must have more specific about the al qaeda involvement, but the final ones indicate even though it was clearly evident to the cia that there was al qaeda involvement. >> talking points prepared for her. >> said it was al qaeda. >> sometime between september 14 and september 16, somebody took the al qaeda element out and put the video in. >> the question we have is who made the changes and why? we haven't been able to get that answer. >> petraeus is saying, i said it was
to the consulate, went to the cia annex. they found a draft of two letters. and letters that they have no idea thisf they were ever, ever sent anywhere. but a draft of two letters that the fbi never picked up when they were there. and two draft, talk about this fact that that day, they saw some member of the bolivian police force across the street in the upstairs, taking pictures inside the compound and they were worried and concerned. why that evidence was not seized by the fbi, i don't know. another thing that happened, david ignatius of the washington post, met with the cia. the cia gave them a timeline as to what happened. this is what is new for me. number 1, it appears that the last two who were killed were not killed until about 5:00 hirt in the morning, which fwaifs another hour for the -- which gives another hour for the united states to take military action. but secondly, let me read this to you, senator, this is david ignatyus. at 4:30 a.m., the first idea of some of the cia reinforcements was to go to a benghazi hospital to recover steven who is they rightly suspected was already d
.o.d., department of state, cia, should be interviewed by select committees to get the same story from each group >> okay, the fiscal cliff, if we don't do something by the end of the year, taxes go up on everybody. the child tax change, the marriage tax changes. everybody gets hit and hard. the military will get major-league cut, beginning january 2013, it will be the smallest navy since 1915, the smallest air force in the history of the country. so doing nothing is a catastrophe. here's what i think is fair to ask the republicans. we have 15% of gdp in revenue. the historical average is 18% going to the federal government. one way to get more money is cap deductions. if you limit deductions to $50,000 per punish person, to take care of the missed-class person and then some, you could raise $750 billion in new revenue. to do what? to pay down the debt. we need more money to get out of debt. and to lower tax rates for corporate rates and other rates to create more jobs. i am willing to put revenue on the table to pay down debt and create a better economy. but my democratic friends have to reform
meeting, the director of the cia told us that the changes in these talking points had come from the fbi, and then called us back a number of hours later and said, no, it was done by the cia. do you mean that all these weeks later they still don't know who made the changes in the talking points? and why is that important? because the impression that the american people got from ambassador rice's comments, that this was a spontaneous demonstration, triggered by a hateful video, that was not true. finally, by the way, after our meeting, ambassador rice admitted for the first time that that was not true. so it -- >> greta: why didn't she admit that six weeks ago? that's what i don't understand. you have to pull every single detail out of it. she should have said that six weeks ago. why not say it publicly? why is it behind closed doors with senators? >> we still don't who made the changes in the talking points. i asked the director of the cia how many analysts are there in the cia. i don't think this is classified. he said 2,500. now, wouldn't you think that one of those analysts would have
evidence to the cia that it was al qaeda. >> talking points that were prepared for her said it was al qaeda, a terrorist attack. sometime between september 14 and september 16, somebody took the al qaeda element out and put the video in. >> the question we have is who made the changes and why and we haven't been able to get that answer. >> petraeus is saying i said it was terrorism from the get go. if you did, why did susan rice go out two days later and say it was the video? this is why we need a select committee on this. >> the general had to acknowledge and none of us like to acknowledge, they got it wrong, they thought initially it was spontaneous. >> that assessment was made soon after the attack occurred. there was a deliberate posture to this attack and there were elements of preplanning involved. and so that was available within the first 24 to 48 hours after the attack took place. >> look at, this goes back do obam ahe admitted in his press conference, the white house sent her out with the best intel we had at the time. no twasn't the best intel. the best intel we had at the time w
? that might be at the doorstep of the cia, as much as the president. and do you have this strange narrative of the white house blaming the video for a longer time than the video seemed to suggest -- >> greta: it's before, during and after. basically. you say, during -- that was the facts that make it look a lot better than someone sm previously thought. >> a couple of categories, it is looking better for the white house. there is a big question of blaming the video, i think. >> when you ask if we get answer, i certainly hope so. i think the american people are entitled to them. i don't think this was ever going to be the election issue that people wanted it to be. but now we are back on governance. the president owes an explanation to the american people, especially with the youtube video explanation that they used for so long. i mean, i -- at this point it defies common sense why they would be saying that. >> your introduction was a little bit sad, now that the election's over, can we finally find out about benghazi. there is something to that, by the way on the cia, petraeus, head of the
everyone in the media was given their time line and then when the cia did it, we were left off the list. we're asking questions and the administration is giving none. now they are stonewalling the senate, which is so interesting because in the senate, the democrats are the ones -- they run the committees. they are asking for the documents and they can't get them. >> did the president know about the prior attacks? if the president knew about the prior attacks why didn't he supply the security that was necessary -- to protect the ambassador? i mean, this is six, seven weeks, i don't know the answer it that. this consulate was attacked twice, it was attacked once when they blew a hole in the wail. we don't know whether the president knew about it. if the president did know about it, why didn't he supply more security? and then when he found out about the third attack, why didn't he act, in a more forceful manner to get the military there, to get reinforcements there, the cia was held up at the airport 3 hours, these are incredible questions that the longer the administration waits, the more th
getting much information out of the administration? is it in part because of the c.i.a. or situation where they are trying to cover mistakes? >> i believe they are trying to have a real investigation. i believe that we are also in the middle of something called an election and the final days. what i see is a growing body of evidence that the state department has can you please pa built for the death of ambassador and three americans. the warnings were specific. they were direct. they named the enemy, and they said t consulate needed more support. it also indicated in the cable that the consulate should probably move long term into the annex. we know that is the c.i.a. facility in benghazi. >> greta: thank you. we all know people at the state department and how hard they work. they want to take care of their people. >> i think we're starting to get the facts. >> greta: without any doubt. the facts need to come out. we need to get the facts. right now, more and new accusations in the handling of the libyan attack. good evening, sir. were you able to listen to her report about this cable? >>
after this. >> greta: from the state department phone call, fox excluded from the c.i.a. briefing and when the explanation when the dni, they don't want us to know -- i'm telg taking the last word but you can think why we're excluded. >> mary has a message for the obama administration. that is next. and mayor of big city, why is and mayor of big city, why is this try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. we find the best, sweetest crafor red lobster that we can find. [ male annncer ] it's time for crabfest at red lobster! this year, try 1 of 5 entrees. like our new snow crab and garlic shrimp. a half-pound of tender crab paired with savory shrimp. just 12.99. or dig into our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. so much to choose from, so little tim
there will be so much available. in 2007 there was a c.i.a. report that had been published that predicted that iran, by 2015, could have up to seven nuclear weapons. that is reality that could happen. if that happens we will live in a different world. i would have my staff, if i were president and technically come up with an adequate proposal that prevents that from happening and then see one can incorprate that as a first step into some negotiations. recognize if that fails, we have to two choices, either step up the pressure or to acquiesce. i would be in favor of stepping up the pressure. >> greta: coming up, alarms are going off. the u.s. is $16 trillion in debt. is there any sign of relief in the next four years? our experts answer that, next. have a good night. re you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we stilneed your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a pas
benghazi. a man who the cia identified as a tunisian at the scene on the day of the attack. he was picked up in turkey and turned over to tunisia and they had him and we didn't interview him because the united states it reports couldn't get access to the man. that went on for quite is some time and two u.s. senators two nights ago decide they will make a phone call and also send a letter and now the fbi is on the ground in tunisia with access to them. would you ever in a million years have not pushed forward to get access to him the minute you heard of him? >> greta, i don't understand anything about benghazi. i think this is a -- this is so perplexing and it is a real scandal. the reality is the fbi took two weeks, what, two, three weeks to get in after the murders took place? i mean that is totally crazy. we had -- we had our consulate personnel in a city that is so dangerous that the fbi can't get in for two weeks? so that by the time they do the investigation pretty much a useless homicide investigation two weeks later. you know that, i know that. lindsay graham and john mccain got ac
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 56 (some duplicates have been removed)